300K Have Your Say!

What is €300K Have Your Say?

€300k Have Your Say’ is a participatory budgeting initiative which has been run by South Dublin County Council since 2017. €300k Have Your Say allows residents to develop project proposals for their local area and then vote on shortlisted proposals in order to select winning projects to be funded up to the value of €300,000. There are no age barriers to taking part and every proposal is treated with respect. Simply put, €300k Have Your Say is about helping to create community-led projects that directly benefit you, your neighbours, friends and family.

How does it work?

For 2019, South Dublin County Council has allocated €300,000 for the Firhouse - Bohernabreena electoral area and we want you to decide what it is spent on! We welcome you to suggest ideas through either one of our workshops or simply online at the €300k Have Your Say website. This initiative provides the opportunity for you to bring your ideas for your community to life.

During October 2019, four community workshops have been arranged to facilitate the generation of ideas. A facilitator has been engaged to coordinate these meetings. 

Workshop 1: Tuesday 1st October:  The Park Community Centre from 7.00pm 

Workshop 2: Thursday 3rd October:  Knocklyon Community Centre from 7.00pm 

Workshop 3: Monday 7th October: Whitechurch Library from 7.00pm

Workshop 4: Tuesday 8th October: Firhouse Community Centre from 7.00pm

Submissions will remain open until close of business (6.00pm) on Monday, 14 October 2019.

Once the submission deadline has passed, all proposals will be assessed in terms of their community benefit and potential for completion. This assessment will be conducted by a panel of elected councillors and council staff. A shortlist will be created, costed and brought to a public vote on the €300k Have Your Say website. Your community will then vote for their favourite proposals up to the value of €300,000. Following the closure of the voting period those proposals receiving the highest vote with a combined value of €300,000, will be chosen to be worked on by Council staff. Please view the Timeline page for updated information on the voting stage and when the results night will be held.

This initiative was first launched in the Lucan Electoral Area in 2017 and continued in the Clondalkin Electoral Area in 2018, the results of which you can view on the Votes and Results and Implementation pages.


Is this a new concept?

Have Your Say €300K is a local democratic process, which facilitates citizens in a local community to directly, decide how to spend a portion of a public budget in their area. It gives people direct power to determine spending priorities to improve their community.

What are the main benefits of Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting gives you and your neighbours the power to improve your area as a place to live, work and play. It is empowering, civic minded and fun. It is also educational, fair and transparent.

Does it mean extra money for a chosen area?

Yes. This is €300,000 additional real money over and above the normal yearly budget for your area.

Is it only for certain areas?

It was decided to pilot this initiative in one area in 2017 with the Lucan Electoral Area (Lucan, Adamstown and Palmerstown) chosen by lot at a public meeting of the Council. Following a successful pilot, the Clondalkin Electoral Area (Clondalkin, Rathcoole and Newcastle) was chosen by lot to benefit from the initiative in 2018. Firhouse - Bohernabreena was chosen from 2019 and another version will follow in 2020 for a new electoral area.

Is this not the job of Elected Councillors?

It is the function of the Councillors to adopt the Annual Budget of South Dublin County Council, including the identification of spending priorities. While Councillors are elected by the people to represent their views and work on their behalf, this is an ongoing process of consultative decision-making. In this instance, the Councillors decided to set aside €300,000 extra discretionary funds to allow citizens to directly identify their own priorities for their community. This initiative is in the interests of enhanced democracy and citizen consultation.

What if my idea is already planned by the Council?

If your project proposal is already underway by the Council, or if a similar idea is part of a larger initiative the Council have planned, then your project will not be shortlisted. You will be informed of this, however, and we will let you know the reason why it wasn't shortlisted.

For example a number of Council initiatives were recently completed in the area. These included;

  • Playspace at Whitechurch
  • Sand based pitches at Firhouse.
  • Drainage and levelling of a third pitch at Firhouse (currently at establishment stage)
  • Ogham Tree Trail at Mount Carmel
  • Playspace at Ballycragh

So it is unlikely that simlar proposals would be shortlisted. That said, if you are in doubt about whether to submit an idea or not then we would always say to submit it and let us review it.

A number of projects are also ongoing in the Firhouse - Bohernabreena electoral area or at planning stage. These include,

  • Works at Kiltipper Park (currently on-site)
  • Playground at Firhouse (at tender stage)
  • An Athletics Track and Pitch at Mount Carmel
  • Teenspace at Ballycragh
  • SDCC are an active member of Dublin Mountains Partnership; maintaining and promoting sustainable access and recreation in the Dublin Mountains
  • The Dodder Greenway
  • Three playspaces and a play trail at Dodder Valley (Mount Carmel and Cherryfield playspaces)
  • Dublin Mountains Project

Again though, if you are in doubt then submit your idea and let us decide. We will come back to you on it if it isn't shortlisted and let you know why.